Monday, April 27, 2009

A Troll Tree For Beth!

Trolls live in this little oasis of a park in Oregon City. Nearly every tree has a doorway underground. I almost wish I was small enough to go explore this underground sanctuary in the middle of the city.


  1. I might have to start looking for a troll tree around here!

  2. Troll homes! So that's what they are!

  3. Ooooh, me goodness! 'Tis a troll tree! And just for me! ((hugs)) How VERY cool! I want to go next time!!! This photo just fills my eyes, but not only that, it sparks my imagination. (Grin)

  4. You have touched my heart with your whimsey and imagination. The escape of fancy and a bit o magic are what keep my life from slipping into the abyss. Indeed I think everyone should live life with a knome on their shoulder, a faery in there pocket, and an angel at their back. And if you're really lucky there will be a troll in the tree by your house.
    The next post on my Painted Garden blog is my 100th post so today I want to conjour up something special.
    So my fey gifted sisters I want to send you on a small adventure to a place I love to visit and a lady who is truly unexpected and unique in her randomness.
    If you are willing, make your way to my blog's...Places to visit list, and click on "The Hermitage" oh and be sure to go to her older posts and see the Animatron You-Tube movies (extraordinary). Love to you both. Happy wandering!

  5. you can see someone resting there..