Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Eclipse and A Mystery

 I was taking pictures of the solar eclipse ... I was having trouble with the tiny point-n-shoot camera I was using ... my tired old Canon had died rather spectacularly early in the day. (sniff, snort, bwwwaaaahhhh!!!)

But even though the pictures were coming out blurry, I still kept snapping away, hoping against hope that at least one of them would be okay.

Little did I realize I had caught something else on one of my shots ...

A cigar shaped streak across the frame!

It wasn't something on the lens - all of the pictures before and after were clear!

It wasn't a bird - several of the shots had birds (and you could TELL they were birds!)

So what was it?

I'll let YOU decide for yourself!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flood Flotsom

Driving into town to do an errands, I stop at the park.  As the flood recedes, the playground gingerly reflects in the ruffled, displaced river.

The shadows of the trees trace along the soggy grass, once covered completely by the surging floodwater.

On my way home, I traveled along river road, only to discover it was closed due to flooding.  What a perfect day to take a walk with my camera.  I was transfixed by the lovely reflection I saw in the filbert orchards.

Captured by the rush of water sparkling in the rare afternoon sun...

And was totally taken aback and dumbfounded at this, er, bit of flood flotsam.