Monday, April 27, 2009

A Troll Tree For Beth!

Trolls live in this little oasis of a park in Oregon City. Nearly every tree has a doorway underground. I almost wish I was small enough to go explore this underground sanctuary in the middle of the city.

Hearts! EEeeeek! Sissy! These are for YOU!

These hearts are especially for my wonderful, marvelous, incredibly talented and humorous sister Clytie, who shares this site with me.

Clytie sees hearts in places no one would think a heart could exist. She finds beauty where it is hard to be found. She's completely gifted and has a heart (pun intended) of gold. I love her VERY much.

So you see, dedicating these two photos to my sister--Heart of Tomato (reminiscent of Sissy's quirky humor), and Flaming Heart (Sissy's ability to see beauty just about anywhere)--is totally appropriate!
((hugs)) I love you, Sissy!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My husband fell and hurt himself, and I had to go into the pharmacy to get some prescriptions. I had some time to burn, so I walked around the store looking at various items. At first I didn't notice her...but as I looked closely at the products I suddenly felt the gaze of someone in, er, pain.
I'm sure other shoppers were staring as I whipped out my camera. (grin) This poor model does NOT look happy to be wearing the products fact, wouldn't you agree? I think she's suffering.
I was giggling to myself the entire time I was in the pharmacy--further enhancing the idea there was a nut loose in the store that afternoon...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things From Another World

I couldn't help posting this totally random and unexpected sign I found at a store in Milwaukie. I love the shiny UFO!