Monday, April 27, 2009

Hearts! EEeeeek! Sissy! These are for YOU!

These hearts are especially for my wonderful, marvelous, incredibly talented and humorous sister Clytie, who shares this site with me.

Clytie sees hearts in places no one would think a heart could exist. She finds beauty where it is hard to be found. She's completely gifted and has a heart (pun intended) of gold. I love her VERY much.

So you see, dedicating these two photos to my sister--Heart of Tomato (reminiscent of Sissy's quirky humor), and Flaming Heart (Sissy's ability to see beauty just about anywhere)--is totally appropriate!
((hugs)) I love you, Sissy!


  1. Not sure about that tomato, but at least it has a heart! I love the one in the fire.

  2. Oooh, you are right they are especially wonderful...but the bottom one looks like heartburn to me, yuk, yuk, yuk sorry that was really bad.

  3. Ha! Some of the best hearts yet!!!!! I love them!

  4. A hearty congratulations to you! These are great!