Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Heart for my Sissy

Here's a heart for my Sissy--isn't he a cutie? We were staying at the beach for our 26th anniversary, and every morning this plucky fellow would pose in front of the bathroom window, preening himself in the reflection of the window glass.

Can you see the perfect heart he has? I hope you all had a GREAT week!!!
Love ya!
Beth :oP


  1. Perfectly cute! And I'm heart-broken to hear no one entered your contest? I guess Lois and I didn't follow instructions with our entries. I shall look around for thine gauntlet and give 'er another spin. :)

  2. I do absolutely adore this beautiful little bird! How splendid that you were able to capture his heart!

  3. I love this! You have talent just like Beth.
    I keep trying to find a face or heart in something but so far no luck. I lack big time in seeing shapes in things (sigh) but I do enjoy others who have that creativity :)