Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well! This is a total Surprise!!! I went outside to get some wood, was buzzed by a hummingbird, went to get the hummingbird feeder, when my attention was arrested by a, odd looking fellow gracing the hanging plant, just outside the office window. Yep, looks like this fierce fellow got his, er, birdie.... just never knows what one will encounter in this world, does one????

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  1. I'll second that last statement!!! Or what's going to hit you in the face from one minute to the next.
    Hi Sis's, I'm back on my feet ha,ha, who am I kidding. anyway, I'm finally slowly emptying my house of kids and siblings if I can just make it to Monday so I can have some time and space to myself for a primal scream I'll be okay.
    Thank you so much for your prayers and support during this week it has meant so much to me in the middle of the onslaught to be able to read your quiet words of encouragement and love. Thank you, Thank you.

    I didn't know you you even had this blog (That's what I get for not paying attention) Now I see the beautiful award you made for me and I love it. I was looking for it on Expect the Unexpected.(space cadet) Anyway it's mine now Nuya ah ah! Thanks so much. You own a piece of my heart ~ Deann